How it works

Disrupting the low interest rate banking sector with smart DeFi based financial services that offer high interest rates.

The Paycer App will provide easy access to crypto and DeFi for retail clients. The app will also offer traditional financial services like a bank account and a debit card. Users will gain access to diferent investment assets and automated saving plans to generate a passive income.

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We are mainstreaming Decentralized Finance.

  • Customer-First-Strategy


    Our primary goal for the platform is to provide clean user interfaces and very simple processes that fully meet the requirements of our customers. This should empower everyone to use the benefits of DeFi without any prior knowledge or dealing with cryptocurrencies.

  • High Interest Rate

    High Interest Rate

    The Paycer Protocol will combine multiple DeFi products with different interest rates cross-chain. This will generate a stable and high interest rate for client‘s savings. Higher rates will be possible through Paycer token staking.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Paycer will evaluate DeFi product risks and smart contract code before investing any assets. The Paycer Protocol will also automate multiple risk checks to shift investments if defined signals are negative.

  • Cross-Chain


    Gain DeFi access with interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems in one place. The Paycer Protocol will integrate DeFi services from Polygon, Ethereum, Polkadot, Harmony, Avalanche, Cosmos and Binance Smart Chain.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    The Paycer Platform will offer different financial services like a crypto wallet, a bank account, lending, liquidity pools, simplified DeFi access and the main product: earning high interest rates on personal savings.

  • Legal


    The Paycer platform will follow laws and regulations and will operate from a headquarter in Hamburg, Germany within the European Union. Paycer will have a partnership with a financial entity for an official banking license.


Our Journey and Vision

Business Plan and Solution Design
  • POC on architectural Level
  • Paycer Protocol Design
  • Team Recruitment
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Roadmap Definition
Funding, Prototype, Development
  • Landingpage launched
  • Litepaper released
  • Whitepaper released
  • Launch of Prototype
  • Launch of Token Sale
  • Paycer Company Formation
  • Talent Acquisition
  • PCR TGE & DEX Listings
Development & Go Live
  • PCR CEX Listing
  • Legal & compliance
  • Banking License Partnership
  • New Paycer Office
  • Launch Paycer Utility NFT
  • Beta-Release of Paycer Platform
  • Increase Marketing Activities
  • Grow Team
Continuous Development, Partnership, Legal
  • Regulated CeDeFi Platform
  • Ecosystem Partnerships
  • Improve Scalability and Resilience
  • Security Audits
  • Launch of new Services
  • Talent Acquisition & grow Legal Team
  • Finished NFT Roadmap
  • Metaverse Banking
European Leadership, Enter New Markets
  • Become a/the Leader for European DeFi Platforms
  • Launch Branch Offices
  • Increase Mainstream Marketing Operations
  • Target American, African and Asian Markets
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Apply for Finance License


Meet the Paycer Team

  • Richard Vo
    Founder & Managing Director

    Richard has been working as a fullstack developer for over 17 years. In addition he has been engaged with blockchain technology for several years and has already worked as a freelance developer for an ICO in the past. In 2020 he founded his own web development company based in Hamburg, Germany. He is also very experienced in the development of Smart Contracts and used DeFi solutions since hour one.

  • Nils Gregersen
    Founder & Managing Director

    Nils has managed teams up to over 30 employees for many years. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business informatics. In addition he developed a working prototype blockchain for his master thesis and has been active in the crypto space since early 2017. In the past five years, he worked as an IT consultant and architect in projects for major clients at IBM. He is also an expert in cloud computing and a certified AWS architect.

  • Helge Ippensen
    Co-Founder & CRO

    Helge is holding a MBA with focus on law and a state exam in public law. He worked in several positions at ABB and ThyssenKrupp, before becoming head of HR at German digital photofinisher CeWe Color. Then he started working in the public sector with a focus on innovation strategies and economic development. Simultaneously he was the CEO of UBI Consulters. In 2018 he started his own real estate business HPI Consulting and in 2020 he co-founded webrigade.

  • Lukas Gurschler
    Co-Founder & Fullstack DApp Developer

    Lukas is a Full-Stack Developer with a focus on modern web applications & UX. He is experienced in complex web application projects and founded his own web development company. When he does something he does it with full commitment, which is evident from the fact that he was a professional CS 1.6 player at SK Gaming. In the unlikely event that he is not programming, he is probably out walking his dog or playing a good round of DotA2.

  • Christoff Berlage
    Head of Marketing

    Christoff is a marketing expert with more than 10 years’ experience. After working for some of Europe’s fastest growing agencies and corporate positions at Barclaycard, Targobank and Virgin Money, Christoff has joined the Paycer team to enable the protocol to take its next step towards adoption and brand growth. He is a also a certified Google, Facebook and Amazon advertiser and has been recognised for his PPC skills for winning the “search award” at the 2016 SMX conference in Seattle.

  • Mahsa Doorfard
    Researcher & Marketing Manager

    Mahsa aka. Crypto Diva is a marketing expert, upcoming crypto influencer and a great storyteller with a keen sense for the target audience. Blockchain technology is her biggest passion and she is currently part time writing her Master Thesis about DeFi use cases. Her ultimate goal is to encourage more female professionals to join the blockchain industry by providing free educational content. Mahsa’s diverse background adds a wider perspective and a great spirit to our team.

  • Christian Rank
    Fullstack & DApp Developer

    Christian already started developing at the age of 13, when he built a control panel for his game server. After teaching himself the basics, he completed an apprenticeship and became a professional fulltime developer. Then he implemented various web applications for different clients. He is specialized in web and app development and worked for numerous companies and industries in Germany as a freelance developer.

  • Metin Demirdere
    PR & Head of HR

    Metin has already successfully founded and managed several businesses and companies in the event and media sector. He published his own magazine for over 7 years and managed a local publishing house. Therefore, Metin has a network within the German press landscape, especially in Hamburg. At Paycer he takes care of PR related topics but also manages the human resources department, which is becoming an increasingly important task with a growing team.

  • Kristine Lampe-Dreyer
    Lawyer: Contract Law and Data Protection

    Kristine is a fully qualified lawyer specialized in contract law and data protection law. She worked in various significant positions in the public administration sector. Recently, she has been responsible for the implementation of legal matters related to digital instruments to combat pandemics such as Luca app and the Digital Health Pass and is also part of HPI Consulting. She will keep a close eye on contractual topics and data protection at Paycer.

  • Tobias Weber
    Senior UX/UI Designer

    Tobias is an UX/UI design lead with 10+ years of professional experience, leading projects and people, crafting digital products and services, collaborating with teams and stakeholders. He worked for international companies and agencies in the fields of banking, automotive and retail. His main focus is to provide the best possible user-centric design solution. After growing his own design studio in Hamburg he took a position at IBM iX as a Senior UI/UX Designer.

Our Advisors

Meet our Advisors

  • Veronika Ferstl
    Banking & Regulatory Advisor | Product Manager at Tangany

    Veronika works as a Product Manager at Tangany, a B2B crypto custody provider. Previously, she also worked in the financial and banking sector as Senior Director, Deputy to CEO at TEN31 Bank and Managing Director at TEN31 Custody GmbH. She has an excellent knowledge of banking regulation and is also very well connected in the financial sector. In addition, she has her own consulting company "1st Level" for IoT and Blockchain technology.

  • Glen Liu Zhenquan
    Investor Relations Advisor | Partner at Aura Ventures, Head of Strategy at Haulio

    Glen has an impressive track record, being a board member, investor and head of strategy at Haulio, a startup for the digitalization of transportation services. But beyond that, he is a Venture Partner at Aura Ventures, Founding Partner at GHS Partners & Advisory and Venture Capital Scout at Saison Capital. In Addition Glen is a startup builder, very well connected in the financial sector of the APAC region and knows all the essentials of the venture capital sector.

  • Dias Lonappan
    Smart Contract & DeFi Advisor | CTO at CACHE GOLD

    Dias is responsible for the overall technology and architecture strategy at CACHE.GOLD an asset-backed token based in Singapore. He is a crypto evangelist and teaches solidity in his spare time. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Databases. He was the CTO at one of the first crypto startups in Singapore in 2013 and since then has led and advised various sized engineering teams in the crypto space.

  • Hermann Neunaber
    Banking Advisor | former Bank Director and Board Member

    Hermann Neunaber holds a degree in Business Administration and is a former bank director. He looks back on over 35 years of experience in the banking business, including 26 years as a board member in regional cooperative banks. He has a lot of in-depth expertise when it comes to legal and regulatory matters and banking processes. He has also been studying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for several years from a banking perspective.