Public Sale ends in:

Token Sale Phase 3
Public Sale Closed

Private Sale

  • Start - End15. Oct 2021 - 31. Oct 2021
  • Tokens available for sale52.500.000 PCR
  • Token price$0.025
  • Vesting period12 months with a daily release
  • Hardcap$1,312,500.00
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  • Start - End01. Dec 2021 - 23. Dec 2021
  • Tokens available for sale30.000.000 PCR
  • Token price$0.045
  • Vesting period12 months with a daily release
  • Hardcap$1,350,000.00
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Public Sale

  • Start - End3. Jan 2022 - 6. Jan 2022
  • Tokens available for sale37.500.000 PCR
  • Token price$0.055
  • Vesting period6 months with a monthly release
  • Hardcap$2,062,500.00

PCR Facts

Paycer Tokenomics

The Paycer token (PCR) will be an ERC20 token capped at 750M. 74% of PCR will be allocated to the community and will be distributed by token sales, marketing events, staking rewards and liquidity mining.

Use CaseUtility Token
Maximum Supply750M (750,000,000 PCR)
TGE Supply5.4M PCR
Private Sale7%
Public Sale5%
UtilitiesVoting Right, Staking, Liquidity Mining, Loyalty Tiers, earn more Interests, reduced Fees, earn more Rewards, Token Buyback, Referral Program Bonus


Token Allocation

  • Community Incentives

    Community Incentives

    With a massive 30% a large part of the Paycer tokens will be distributed directly to the community, mainly via staking rewards that are rewarded over many years.

  • Paycer Labs Reserve

    Paycer Labs Reserve

    With 12% of the PCR tokens, a solid share is provided to the Paycer Labs to support the further development of the protocol and the platform in the long term.

  • Public Sale

    Public Sale

    5% of the PCR tokens will be offered in a public sale. These tokens will have a vesting period of 6 months with a gradual release of 1/6 of total bought PCR tokens per month.

  • Liquidity Mining Rewards

    Liquidity Mining Rewards

    A huge 20% of PCR tokens will be distributed through liquidity mining. These Paycer tokens will be rewarded to liquidity providers for different pools.

Token Release Schedule

Expected circulating PCR Supply